2022 Show

Celebrating Local Lumber

The 2022 Woodworkers Show will highlight pieces made from local wood. As a group we deeply believe in the importance of creating a market for both locally harvested and processed lumber and a market for the valued added pieces made from that lumber.

Through partnership with Jefferson Land Trust and the Port Townsend School of Woodworking, the Splintergroup will be offering sustainably harvested Western Maple and Alder from Valley View Forest in Chimacum.

The material is offered to local and regional makers with the implicit understanding that you will be making a piece or pieces for the 2022 Port Townsend Woodworkers Show.

The format of the Show in 2022 is undecided. Making a piece from this lumber ensures it will be displayed at the show but is not a guarantee of a booth - we may choose a gallery style for this show.

Please note: we are not selling this lumber for general use.

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How we're going to fell and prepare the lumber

Our intention is to use as much of the tree as possible. We are hoping to use both the trunk and branches of the tree

We will be milling the lumber on site using an Alaskan mill. The lumber will be cut to between 2 ¼" and 2 ½" thick. The lumber will then be air dried for a couple of months before being dried in a local dehumidification kiln operated by Cody Wayland.

We expect the material to be available in late April / early May.

The lumber will be primarily offered as live edge slabs. The lumber will be priced to cover the costs of felling, hauling and processing. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Jefferson Land Trust.

The branches and limbs of the tree will be offered green and would have to be picked up at the time of felling. Otherwise they'll be left to enrich the soil and provide habitat. More details to follow.

Let us know that you're interested!